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Standard Dentiform

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  • 다양한 보존, 보철 실습이 가능한 기본 덴티폼으로 Frasaco Clicking System이 도입된 새로운 모델입니다. 기존의 불편한 screw형태의 치아 교체가 아닌 Click system을 통해 사용자의 편의를 한층 높임은 물론, screw 타입의 고질적인 문제인 치아 위치의 차이를 없애 항상 정확한 포지션에서 실습이 가능합니다.



Standard Dentiform ANKA-4


Dental model representing typical natural adult dentition:

Model base made from a hard thermosetting plastic material. Upper and lower jaws occlude in a definite central occlusion with natural physiological contact points. 28 model teeth made of hard thermosetting plastic material are securely positioned in the model with Philips head screws. ANA-4 dental models include a threaded metal back plate for screw retention or optional retention with a magnetic mounting plate in frasaco phantom heads.


• Anatomical crown and occlusal contours based on the function and morphology of natural teeth

• Natural occlusal contour based on a representative cross section of different distinctive contour characteristics

• Anterior tooth contours are aesthetic and functional

• Natural anatomical cervical root contour

• Neutral intercuspidation according to the international classification of Angle Class I

• Physiological interproximal space contoured according to the average dentition of a middle-aged adult

• Wilson, Spee and helicoid curves 3 dimensionally reproduced

• Option of performing different dynamic occlusion concepts like canine guidance or unilateral group function

• Replica gingiva with natural palatal folds, buccal and lingual anatomical simulation



Elastic, removable gingiva


Main use:

Universal model for realistic exercises in preventive, conservative and prosthetic dentistry