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Phantom Head P-6/3

  • Phantom Head P-6/3
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Phantom Head P-6/3

frasaco phantom head P-6 with exchangeable articulator P-3 


The articulator P-3 has anatomically shaped condyle boxes to allow for simulation of corresponding human masticatory functions within three-dimensional curved condylar paths. The model jaws and articulations are positioned in the correct anatomical relationship and the natural excursions of the mandible can be exactly reproduced. The vertical adjustment allows for mounting of different model jaws. The robust skull dome is coloured throughout in grey with a plastic coat of approx. 3 mm thickness, to prevent paint to splinter off and to allow scratches to be polished out. The neck articulation is located in the anatomically correct position at the cranial base and is used to position the head. The robust lift inside the skull dome provides access to a star knob which releases the face mask holding plate. In order to allow anatomical face bows to be mounted, a nose has been added to the skull dome and the articulator P-3 is provided with corresponding fixing pins. Should the mandible be opened to 15 mm distance between upper and lower incisal edges, a deflection roller makes the heads of the condyles slide forward as with a patient. All components are made of high-grade materials and all fixing bolts are protected against loss. A face mask can be gripped between the liftplate and the articulator plate.