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Phantom Head PK-2

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The new frasaco phantom head PK-2 has been designed for users who are looking for a less expensive alternative to the proven P-6 series, without accepting compromises in handling and possible applications. With its neck articulation in the anatomically correct position at the cranial base and in combination with one of the many mounting systems frasaco can offer, it allows working in realistic treatment positions on workbenches, dental chairs or simulators. All face mask- and water drainage options frasaco offers for its series P-6 phantom heads can be used here too, so working with water is made easy. The phantom articulator of PK-2 features a temporomandibular joint with patented condylar boxes made from hard plastic with three-dimensional curved condylar paths for simulating anatomically correct jaw movements. The model jaws and articulations are positioned in the correct anatomical relationship and the natural excursions of the mandible can be exactly reproduced. The vertical adjustment allows for mounting of different model jaws. All versions of model mounting solutions well-known from the P-6 series can be used, including anatomical face bows. The front part of the skull dome can be pulled open, as shown in the picture, for easy access to the screws for mounting dental models and face masks.



The phantom head PK-2 HGB (with limitation of the neck according to the anatomical degrees of freedom) is being used instead of the above mentioned PK-2 with all frasaco training systems that include a shoulder torso.