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Lap Mentor(복강경 시뮬레이터)

  • Lap Mentor(복강경 시뮬레이터)
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  • Lap Mentor는 모든 레벨의 학습자에게 가장 포괄적인 외과 시뮬레이션 교육을 제공합니다. 사실적인 Haptic을 이용한 다양한 술기 훈련이 가능합니다. 또한 Lap Express와의 결합을 통한 Operation Team Training이 가능합니다.








3D Systems Provides the Most Comprehensive Surgical Simulation Training for Learners of All Levels
The state-of-the-art LAP Mentor simulator provides the widest array of hands-on laparoscopic training available across multiple disciplines. Developed with surgical opinion leaders, medical societies and educators in order to develop products with meaningful training impact.

<The LAP Mentor III medical simulator at the Medical Simulation Centre, Royal Free Hospital>

An ever expanding library of modules provides a structured curriculum with different difficulty levels for basic laparoscopic tasks and skills alongside basic and advanced complete procedure training. The system features 17 training modules and over 70 tasks and cases, including general, gynecology, urology, bariatric, colorectal, and thoracic surgery. Add-on modules are continuously being developed in pace with ongoing surgical advances, to provide the most value possible for the LAP Mentor system. 



The Most Advanced Technology

The highest level of hands-on training is offered via two LAP Mentor platforms that are available with or without advanced haptics. The most realistic tactile surgical tools experience provides a true-to-life feel of tissue resistance during surgery simulation. State-of-the-art soft tissue interaction capabilities allow for simulation of the most complex anatomy, different tissue types and dissection planes and realistic tool – tissue interaction. Unprecedented graphics brings the experience as close to reality as possible. Wide range of surgical instruments and virtual trocar configuration provide flexibility and practice of different approaches to the procedure and decision making. Easy plug-and-play Team Training setting is ideal for reinforcement of non-technical skills and enhancement of the OR team performance. Newly developed Proctor mode further enhances the training by enabling real-time intervention of the instructor during the procedure.

Enhancing Patient Safety

The LAP Mentor’s proprietary technology enables high fidelity procedure simulation that is backed by over 60 clinical validations. In a rapidly developing field, with obstacles such as the reduction of working hours by legislation, it has become difficult to provide the necessary training in the operating room. The LAP Mentor provides a safe and motivating learning environment, as well as providing a complete educational solution integrated into training programs. Scientific data supports the effective use in training and assessment, proving transfer of skills to the OR.



The Team Training setup provides high fidelity technical practice for all participants in the procedure along with reinforcement of non-technical skills, including: enhancing communication skills, optimizing coordination and cooperation within the team, and improving decision-making in both routine and emergency situations.

Easy plug-and-play connection between the haptic LAP MentorTM and the portable LAP MentorTM Express simulators allows an optimal combination between individual and team training.

Master the roles and responsibilities of:

 - Main Surgeon
 - Surgical Assistant
 - Camera Assistant
 - Operator of uterine manipulator (in the Hysterectomy module)
 - NEW: Scrub Nurse – selection of instruments during the case using a Tablet

<Nurse may virtually select the tools and practice anticipation of surgeon’s needs>



The LAP Mentor multi-disciplinary surgical simulator has been developed in close collaboration with the medical community to provide a meaningful and valuable training solution. The comprehensive library of modules provides a curriculum for the training of specific basic laparoscopic tasks and skills alongside basic and advanced complete procedure training modules.
Laparoscopic procedure training add-on modules are continuously being developed in pace with on-going surgical advances, to provide the most value possible for customers of the LAP Mentor system.
Basic Laparoscopic Skills Acquisition
Prior to performing advanced laparoscopic procedures, the resident must be familiar with and experienced in basic laparoscopic skills:
  • Basic Skills
  • Laparoscopic Essential Tasks
  • Basic and Advanced Suturing
Basic Laparoscopic Procedure Training
Utilization of minimal access procedures is increasing and has become gold standard in basic procedures such as laparoscopic cholecystectomy and appendectomy. The LAP Mentor provides an unrestricted environment to experience all steps of the laparoscopic cholecystectomy and appendectomy.
  • General Surgery – Lap Chole: Procedural Tasks, Complete Procedure Module, Cholangiography
  • General Surgery – Appendectomy
Advanced Laparoscopic Procedure Training
As new laparoscopic procedures emerge and guidelines for endoscopic surgery evolve, Simbionix develops training modules based on cutting edge simulation technology enabling users to experience entire complex laparoscopic procedures in a safe environment.
  • General Surgery – Ventral Hernia, Inguinal Hernia
  • Bariatric – Gastric Bypass
  • Colorectal – Sigmoidectomy
  • Urology – Nephrectomy
  • Gynecology: Essential GYN Procedures, Hysterectomy Procedure, Vaginal Cuff Closure
  • Thoracic- Lobectomy